21 Cedar St., N., Box 908
Timmins, ON, P4N 7H2
Phone: (705)264-5288
Fax: (705) 264-5284

Porcupine Credit” has owned and operated the Credit Bureau of Timmins since 1932.  It was started by Phil Laporte who remained President until his death at 95 years of age.  He also started the Credit Bureaus of Sudbury, North Bay and Kirkland Lake, New Liskeard, Parry Sound and Elliot Lake.  Centralization became important for most businesses and we streamlined.  Now all the work is done through Timmins or Sudbury.  We are a family business and at one point in time could brag that we had 16 family members (three generations) actively working in the business.

Today there are still three generations actively working, having lost all the first generation but now employing members of the fourth generation. 

In 2001, we amalgamated our companies and became Porcupine Credit Corporation (2001) Ltd.  After 69 years in the Credit Reporting and Collection Agency business we sold our Reporting Division to Equifax Canada Inc.  Now Credit Bureau of Timminsonly business is to recover bad debts for our clients.

We are the best Collection Agency in the North and have been serving our clients since 1932. Our collection experience is mind boggling, collectively we have 146 years of experience in our Timmins office.  Individually, our most junior collector has over 4 years experience and our most senior 45 years.  Our most senior collector was also one of only three Collection Instructors for Associated Credit Bureaus of Canada and had earned the Highest Education Award from Associated Credit Bureaus of America (the only Canadian to ever receive this award).

We are:  a Member of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce since it’s inception in 1949,  a founding Member of Canadian Federation of Independent Business since 1971,  a founding member of Associated Credit Bureaus of Canada since 1939,  a founding member of Associated Credit Bureaus of Ontario since 1946.


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