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The creditor agrees to report to the Credit Bureau every payment of account made directly to him by the debtor, such report to be made immediately payment is received. It is understood that full payment of commission on collections will be made to the Credit Bureau, when payment is made direct to the creditor. Merchandise accepted for return and credit is considered the same as payment.

Upon 90 days written notice, the agency agrees to return at no charge to the client, all accounts upon which no payment or written arrangements to pay have been made. In the event that, up to or during the said 90 days, the client makes any direct arrangements with the debtor or intervenes in any other manner to prevent further collection action by the Credit Bureau, then there shall immediately become due and payable to the Credit Bureau, an amount equal to the charges that would have been payable had the Credit Bureau successfully collected the whole amount of the debt. Where a claim cannot be supported sufficiently to obtain a judgement, then the Credit Bureau, may charge a closing fee to compensate for the work and expense involved up to that point, said fee not to exceed 10% of the balance submitted for collection.

The Credit Bureau assumes no responsibility in the event that an account listed for collection becomes prescribed by the Statute of Limitations.

Authorization is hereby given to proceed with legal action unless otherwise specified. The Client must pay the court costs involved.

The Creditor agrees to reimburse the Credit Bureau for the trial fee in all cases where a dispute is entered upon suit and in cases where a judgement summons or other process after judgement becomes necessary in the opinion of the Credit Bureau.

No commission is charged on collection of the disbursed court costs. Court costs will be returned to the creditor from the first collections before deductions for any commission to the agency.

Our retail commission is 35% including accounts collected through legal action.

On accounts where the debtor is not at the address given at the time of listing - the rate is 50%.

On accounts outside our roster area, claims previously handled by others, accounts under $250.00, Court Consolidations, accounts over one year old and certain other categories, a 50% rate is charged.

Our commercial rates are as follows:

On first $2,000.00 collected

- 25%

On next $2,000.00 collected

- 22%

On next $1,000.00 collected

- 20%

Over $5,000.00 collected

- 18%

Accounts under $500.00, retail rates.

A commercial account is accepted at commercial rates providing the debtor company is still in business at the time the account is placed and continues in business during the time necessary to recover the debt. In case the above does not apply, the retail rate is charged.


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